Terms and Conditions of online shop e-glasses.pl

general terms and conditions

§ 1

Online shop e-glasses operating at https://e-glasses.pl, hereinafter referred to as "e-glasses”,

is run by Scorpion Eyewear Tomasz Urban located in 05-091 Zabki(PL), ul. Jana Pawla II 15H,

NIP: 537-203-52-85, Regon: 030925625.

§ 2

Online shop e-glasses allows customers to place orders, constitute an offer to purchase merchandise and assortment Scorpion Eyewear available on e-glasses.

§ 3

1. Customer authorized to place orders via e-glasses are the only entities conducting business activity within the meaning regulations from Act from 2 July 2004 on freedom of economic activity (Dz. U. 2004 nr 173 poz.1807 z późn. zm.).

2. Condition of making purchase in the online store is the acceptance of its Rules.

§ 4

1. Customer can get the full access to his account after positive verification of registration at the online store..

2. Customer is responsible for maintaining the secrecy of received user name and password.

3. Customer is responsible for using the the assigned user name and password by those it is spoken.

4. Customer is not authorized to transfer allocated username and password to any third party.

5. Scorpion Eyewear stipulates that the conditions for the sale of goods in the e-glasses may be different for each customer.

§ 5

1. Access to e-glasses takes place by logging into the e-glasses.

2. Customer is required to log off before leaving e-glasses.

§ 6

1. Login into e-glasses constitutes acceptance of Rules.

2. Ordering by the customer in an e-glasses is based on the Regulations.

§ 7

1. Prices of goods in the e-glasses are shown in Euro

2. Prices of goods shown at e-glasses are net prices

3. Gross price includes VAT at the applicable rates.

4. The price given in the order form is valid at the time of ordering.

Costs of the shipping


1. Customer pays for the costs of the shipping for ordered goods.

2. Cost of shipping is calculated individually for each order.

3. Customer will be informed about costs of shipping by e-mail . The costs of shipping will be shown on the invoice as a separate item in the invoice.

4. If the Customer will not accept the shipping cost, the contract may be canceled without charging costs of preparation the order.


Customers who are wholesale customers (previously registered in the database Scorpion Eyewear) retain all their existing rights and privileges.

For new wholesale customers who regularly use our service, there is a possibility to individually determine the conditions of cooperation.

There is the opportunity to meet with a representative of our company, if you do not want to order goods through the online store. To do so, please contact our office.

Orders and shipping

§ 9

1. Scorpion Eyewear will immediately confirm the order placed by the client, specifying that the goods ordered by the customer are in stock of Scorpion Eyewear

2. Scorpion Eyewear reserves the right to refuse to accept and perform the order in whole or in part in so far as the goods ordered are not in stock.

3. Despite the confirmation of the order Scorpion Eyewear reserves the right to reject the the ordered goods.

4. In case of sale of promotional goods whose quantity is limited, order processing is dependent on order of the lodging orders.

5. Due to continuous sales of our products directly at the facility of the company, presented the quantity of goods may differ from the actual at the moment on stock and can not be the basis for claims. Any differences between the complex and completed order customer will be informed by telephone or email as soon as they are identified.

§ 10

Scorpion Eyewear reserves the right to change at any time, prices of goods in e-glasses, the introduction and withdrawal of the goods and cancel promotions.

This reservation does not apply to confirmed orders.

 § 11

Orders made through e-glasses can be placed 24 hours a day throughout the year.

§ 12

1. By placing an order the customer agrees to pay the price of the goods in the amount and time specified in the contract and authorizes Scorpion Eyewear to charge the customer VAT invoice without the need for signature by the customer.

2. Place of the contract of sale of goods is Zabki.

3.The date of payment shall be the date payment is booked on a bank account Scorpion Eyewear, date of passing shipment paid on delivery or settlement with a company representative.

4.In case of failure to make payment by the Client, Scorpion Eyewear reserves the right to order the selected payment collection agency investigation and charge the amount corresponding incurred under this head by Scorpion Eyewear documented costs, regardless of the law Scorpion Eyewear to recover statutory interest for delay in payment receivables.

5. In the case of shipment cash with on delivery Scorpion Eyewear reserves the right to charge the customer for the shipping costs from the order, which has not been taken by the customer is not dependent on the amount of orders, and charge for the shipping costs for re-sending parcelswhich was not previously taken.

 § 13

1. It is considered that the person receiving the ordered goods on your behalf is duly authorized by the Customer to receive the goods and sign documents confirming the execution of the contract on behalf of the client.

2. As soon as coustomer receive the goods passes to the customer the right to property (except for goods shipped with a deferred payment) and all risks associated with owning and operating ,and in particular the risk of loss or damage.


Methods of payment

§ 14

1. Bank Transfer - prepayment -. Payment for the goods ordered by the Customer shall be made to the bank account Scorpion Eyewear indicated on the invoice. In the transfer title, please provide the number of the contract given in the content an email "Order Confirmation"

2. Bank Transfer timely manner - applies to regular customers of Scorpion Eyewear

Withdrawal from the contract

§ 15

Scorpion Eyewear reserves the right to block the possibility of use of an e-glasses or to withdraw from the contract by informing the Customer especially, when the order is placed:

1.  with suspicion of using your login and password by an unauthorized person,

2.  with the intention of settlement default for the ordered goods ,

3.  by the client for which there is a suspicion of insolvency

4.  by the Customer who does not regulate within the time limit payment for previously ordered goods,

5.  in violation of the Rules of Procedure

6. The customer to whom the application for declaration of bankruptcy, reorganization proceedings, liquidation, customer suspended or ceased doing business, Customer guardian had been appointed, the Client has been removed from the register.


§ 16

1. The basis of the complaint is the proof of purchase in the form of a VAT invoice. Differences in the appearance of the received goods ordered that result from improperly set parameters of the monitor of the Customer do not constitute grounds for the return of the goods.

2.  In case of an unjustified complaint or damage to the goods caused by the user, all costs will paid by the customer.

3. Customer is required to initial verification of damaged goods and make a complaint on the affected part of the advertised item eg optical frame, ie front, left ear hook, ear hook right. Advertising item  as a whole will be considered only if the goods have not been previously treated, or all of its components are tainted defects.

4. Complaints relating to mechanical damage caused during transportation will be considered only upon receipt of the goods in the presence of deliverer. Prior to receiving a the package, check the status of the package. If the package is damaged, do not take delivery in the presence of the deliverer prepare a damage report. Customer, upon payment, has the right to verify the contents of the package in the presence of deliverer in order to check if there is no damage to the goods in the course of delivery. The condition for the adoption of this type of complaint is to write with the deliverer complaint protocol.

5. In the event of a complaint, please contact us at the address [email protected] in order to obtain the pattern the complaint application. Application should be printed and completed in accordance with the descriptions.Please attach completed applications to your product.

Exchanges and refunds of purchased goods

§ 17

The basis for exchange or refund the product is proof of purchase in the form of a receipt or invoice.
Within fourteen calendar days from the date of purchase, the customer has the right to:
replacement for a different size or a different range on terms of a bid of the purchase of the replaced item;
return the goods - subject to the paragraph 3
Goods purchased for the price bargain sales is not refundable.
Opportunity to exchange and return of goods purchased in the promotion defined in the regulations of the current promotion.
Exchanges and returns that are subject only to a full blown product, with the original tag, without signs of use.

§ 18

1. The customer is obliged to check the product at the time of receipt of goods for conformity with the order, completeness of the order, the integrity of the packaging for damage.

2. Scorpion Eyewear will be processing complaints if they have been notified within 7 days from the date of discovery, but not later than 30 days from the date of receipt of the goods by the customer.


Photographs and Copyright

§ 19

1. All images, text, graphics and files that are on the the store, are protected by copyright and may not be used without permission of Scorpion Eyewear

2. To obtain permission to use material from e-glasses and especially pictures, descriptions, catalogs should be consulted with Scorpion Eyewear.

3. Scorpion Eyewear owner of e-glasses do not agree to the use of the materials discussed in the section. 2 on the all types of auction sites

4. Photos of goods included on the e-glasses are relevant image. Scorpion Eyewear reserves the right that goods attached on the website might be little different then real product.




§ 20

Scorpion Eyewear reserves the right right to temporarily withhold access to e-glasses associated especially with the occurrence of force majeure, the need of maintenance or failure removal, improvement or removal of software errors detected.

§ 21

Scorpion Eyewear reserves the right to change the Rules, as well as the cessation of running e-glasses without notice.

§ 22

Amendments to the Regulations are valid from the date of placing the amended Regulations on  e-glasses.

§ 23

Each customer is required to read the Regulations and is always bound by the provisions of the Rules at the time of order.

§ 24

The court competent to hear cases referred to in the Regulations, it is common Court in Warsaw.


Office : +48 535 445 194, [email protected]

Export : [email protected]



ul. Jana Pawla II 15H

05-091 Zabki